Boston Beanstalks Contacts

For more info concerning the Boston Beanstalks:

  • Fill out our Contact Form 
  • Call 617-HUB-TALL.
  • Send us a note:
              Boston Beanstalks
              P.O. Box 610185
              Newton, Massachusetts 02461

  • Go to the TCI web site for more information and to find out which tall clubs are nearest to you, or call 1-888-I'M-TALL2.
  • or Contact Club officials directly using these email links:

Club Position Contact
President Sue Flynn
Vice President Sylvia Martin
Secretary Kay Helberg
Treasurer SSusan Huffman
Editor Jeanne Smith
Social Sylvia Martin
Publicity Vacant
Historian Craig Scherman
Membership Vacant
Membership Database Craig Scherman
Marfan Coordinator Jon Bjornson
TCI Delegate Marie Austin
NEATO Delegate Kay Helberg
Scholarship Kathy Lewis
Webmaster Susan Donovan
Meetup Organizer Robyn Laing
Event Registration Susan Huffman
Bean Pod Submissions beanpod@hubtall.org
Facebook CafePress Meetup flickr