Are you a Marf?

Take the following brief quiz to determine whether you may be that 1 in 100 visitors to our site who is a Marf. Score one for each phrase that describes you.

  • tall, thin stature with disproportionately long arms
  • long, double-jointed fingers
  • unusually long lower half of body
  • curvature of the spine
  • chest bone that curves either inward or outward
  • flat feet
  • nearsightedness (lenses prone to dislocation)

If you have scored either 2 or 3, ask your doctor whether you might have the Marfan Syndrome. If you have scored 4 or higher, call your doctor immediately, explain your symptoms, and ask whether an immediate screening may be in order. The Marfan Syndrome is a life-threatening condition. Early diagnosis and careful treatment are essential.

Thank you for taking our little quiz. We hope you aren't a Marf. If we can help identify even one unsuspecting person with this little-recognized condition, maybe we have helped save a life.

For more information about the Marfan Syndrome, look at the National Marfan Foundation website.

There is also a local Marfan Chapter you can contact. Check out their website: National Marfan Foundation - Massachusetts Chapter.

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