Policies and Resolutions

(Revised June 27, 1999)

1-91 The incoming Board will determine the official address of the club at its first Executive Board or Business Meeting.
6-90 The annual weekend is open to Members and their guests who are significant others, and prospective members who meet our membership requirements.
4-96 The BBTC will present a suitable plaque to the Man and Woman of the Year at a major June event. This will honor two of our members who have exhibited extraordinary and extended service to the club.
6-88 New Board Members will receive a copy of the Bylaws.
7-89 All committee Chairs will report in person or in writing each month at the Board meeting.
7-91 Business meetings will be held monthly in place of board meetings.
8-87 This was formed to handle Member's concerns. The comments will be forwarded to the person in charge of the Complaint Department. This person will call and discuss the problem with the Member. If the suggestion or complaint cannot be resolved with the Member, then it will go before the Board for discussion and vote. The name of the Member need not be mentioned unless required.
12-89 Anyone signing a contract on behalf of BBTC must be authorized by the Board and the contract must also be signed by a Board Member. The BBTC will not be held responsible for any contracts not so authorized.
8-87 Completed application forms and membership dues will be kept separate from admission fees at the dance.
10-87 Membership list will be used at dances.
11-95 Board members should be given distinctive name tags to wear at the dances.
11-95 Members and non-members will be given different colored name tags at the dances.
1-98 Admission price for DJ dances is $10. Band dances are $5 extra.
3-88 A minimum of three people shall form an election committee to develop and receive nomination forms and ballots for Board positions and also selection of the TCI delegate. The committee will decide how the voting will take place. Volunteers on the committee must be Regular Members who are not running for office.
12-88 Ballots will be kept anonymous.
3-89 Each Regular Member of a couple membership shall have one vote.
3-90 Recommendations for timing of elections:

February Board
- Establish Election Committee; written description of function(s) of Committee.

March Newsletter
- Request in newsletter for Committee Members; print job descriptions.

- Report at Members' Meeting.

April Newsletter
- Call for nominations; print forms.
- Call for candidates' statements; include due date (before deadline for May Newsletter).
- Notice of candidates' night scheduled date.

May Newsletter
- Candidates' statements printed in newsletter.
- Ballot in newsletter.

May Business Meeting
- Candidates' night; this is closing date to receive ballots (before deadline for June newsletter).

June Newsletter
- Print election results.

July 1
- New Board takes office.

4-87 Memberships that have lapsed and renewed require that the person be measured again.
6-88 All new Members are to be measured by a Board Member within four months of paying dues or forfeit their membership and dues.
8-95 The Membership Chair, at his/her discretion can send a letter to people unmeasured for over 4 months stating that they must contact the Membership Chair to arrange to be measured or their membership will be forfeit.
8-95 A note will be enclosed in the third Bean Pod of the membership of any new member remaining unmeasured regarding the need to contact the Membership Chair to arrange getting measured.
8-95 Members who are not measured within four (4) months will be dropped from the mailing list and their membership is forfeit.
8-95 Those members who are measured within four (4) months and do not measure up will have their dues returned.
8-95 Those members who pass the four months without being measured, and then present themselves within twelve (12) months of application, and pass, will have their memberhsip reinstated until their original expiration date.
6-87 Members can renew for two years.
10-88 The membership list is not to be used for business purposes.
11-88 Any Member of the Club who wants to organize an official non-social Club Business meeting, that isn't personal in nature, must go before the Board for approval.
3-89 The first renewal notice for membership will go into the 11th newsletter and the second renewal will go into the 12th newsletter.
1-90 In order to renew membership, a Member has to have been already measured and otherwise proven to qualify.
10-92 Every three months, between publications of an updated membership directory, a new members' address/phone list will be included as a separate insert in the newsletter.
1-99 All members names will be listed in the directory. If they do not want their phone number or address published only their name will appear.
8-98 Club dues are $40.00 for individual members and $50.00 for couples effective October 1, 1998.
8-94 The BBTC membership directories will be distributed in the January and July newsletters with the quarterly updates in the April and October issues.
1-95 When there is a change in the marital status of a member the dues shall be prorated.
1-96 Copies of the calendar page of the newsletter may be made available at our key events. It should not contain addresses and phone numbers for house parties.
10-95 A new category of membership (on the membership database) is that of "default." This is for those who have been members more than four (4) months without being measured. A notice will be sent to these people informing them of their status.
1-96 When prospective members call for information, the person will be sent a newsletter for two consecutive months. As a general policy, free newsletters will not be sent to the same prospect more frequently than every two years. Additional free issues may be sent to the same prospect at the Membership Chair's discretion. A permanent list of all prospective members shall be kept by the Membership Chair as club property.
5-96 Membership in BBTC is effective when dues are paid.
5-92 We will be a member of the North East Association of Tall Organizations (NEATO) and pay dues of $10 per year.
4-96 We authorize club funds up to 1/6th of the ad cost of $200 from NEATO to the queens representing NEATO clubs. If a majority of NEATO clubs elect not to do this, then we authorize up to 1/3 of the cost of $200 for ad ad from those participating clubs.
1-84 Personal ads for Members are free. Professional ads for Members and all ads for nonmembers are available at a cost of $12.50 for an 8th of a page or a fraction thereof.
10-85 Birthdays and new Member's names will be published.
12-85 Out-of-town fliers are to be secondary to Beanstalks news and information for inclusion in the newsletter.
8-86 Newsletters will not be distributed at events.
8-87 Only fliers or business cards are to be distributed at area shops, not newsletters.
9-87 Notices in the newsletter regarding marriages and births are printed only with the permission of the Member or couple.
9-89 Unsigned articles will not be published. While a writer's name may be withheld, his or her identity must be known to the Editor. ="Arial"> In order to receive a newsletter, the person must claim to meet all requirements.
2-96 Mini-minutes will be published each month to summarize the Business Meeting.
2-96 We will publish TCI minutes or a summary thereof in our newsletter.
2-96 Profiles of new members will be published in the newsletter.
9-88 The BBTC will not include bathing suits as part of the selection criteria for Miss Tall Boston.
3-92 The title "Royalty Benefit Auction" will be used in place of "Slave Auction."
4-94 The outgoing king and queen will be presented with a rhinestone pin to commemorate their reign.
9-96 The Anniversary Dance will absorb all the costs for the Pageant which comes out of the General Fund.
2-96 The large crowns and the scepter which are used during the BBTC pageant will be passed on annually to the new royalty. A traveling tiara will be presented to the new queen, in addition to crown pins for the king and queen.
3-99 The cost of the tiara which is passed on annually will be taken out of the General Account, not the Royalty Account.
7-92 Only events held in public places will be publicized, unless special permission is granted by the host.
12-92 Dance publicity announcements will include both the club height requirements and a statement that the event is "open to the public."
6-94 1. A Reserve Account shall be established in which funds may be segregated from the General Account and from special accounts such as the Royalty Account.

2. Neither additions to nor expenditures from the Reserve Account may be made without the explicit vote of the Board. In case of an emergency, a transfer may be made from the Reserve Account by the President (or the Vice President acting in his/her behalf when the President is unavailable), the Treasurer, and one other officer, all of whom must be in agreement.

3. No expenditure shall be made from the General Account that would place it in deficit.

4. The Treasurer shall budget projected revenues and expenses so that the Board can foresee and avoid any potential cash flow problems before they occur.

5. $1500 shall be maintained in the Reserve Account.

5-99 6. Funds in excess of $1500 shall be reallocated from the Reserve Account to other accounts. Reserves held in anticipation of specific large expenditures shall be held as a positive balance in the account from which the expenditure will be made; any non-earmarked funds in excess of $1500 shall be held in the General Account. For example, funds reserved for a Weekend hotel deposit would be held in the Weekend account.
3-95 The club pays for Royalty Expenses because our King and Queen incur significant expense in the course of carrying out their official duties. The "Royalty Account" was established to fund these expenses ("Royalty Expenses"). The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the Royalty Account according to this policy.
7-96 The Club Advertisement in the Miss TI Pageant Program will be paid for out of the General Fund.
9-96 Flowers for the Queen will be paid for out of the General Fund.


The Royalty Account shall be funded exclusively from the net profits of fund-raisers held for this specific purpose.

(Traditionally, we have held an annual goods and services auction (the "Royalty Benefit Auction"); however, other types of fund-raisers could be held for this purpose.)

The Royalty Account may not borrow from other club accounts, except as allowed under "Limitations and Other Conditions."

Any residual balance in the Royalty Account will be carried forward into future years.

Qualifying Expenditures

If there are sufficient funds in the Royalty Account, the following expenditures may be reimbursed:

a. Publicity photos to be used for the club's benefit

b. Crowns or tiaras, sashes, and pins.

c. Queen's pageant registration fee

d. The Queen's travel expenses to Convention as defined under "Qualified Travel Expenses," and Full Convention package (basic package, no Pre-convention, no optional activities, based on double occupancy).

e. The King's travel expenses to Convention as defined under "Qualified Travel Expenses," and Full Convention package (basic package, no Pre-convention, no optional activities, based on double occupancy).

f. Gown allowance not to exceed $200

g. Reasonable expenses for Queen's token gifts to other queens.

h. Any other expenses that have been specifically approved by the Board.

Qualified Travel Expenses

Transportation to the Convention should be by the most practical and cost saving method available. Air travel should be booked well in advance to take advantage of any Supersaver fares. If traveling by car, the King/Queen should make an attempt to carpool. The King and/or Queen's portion of expenses (gas, tolls) will be reimbursed from the Royalty Account. If an overnight stay is necessary when traveling by car, reasonable lodging expenses incurred by the King/Queen will be reimbursed. Under no circumstances may the expenses incurred by driving exceed the amount of airfare that may have been spent.

Limitations and Other Conditions

To qualify for any reimbursement, The Queen is expected to participate in the Miss TI Pageant. Both King and Queen are expected to represent the club in their official capacity at the TCI Convention. As examples, they are expected to wear their official sashes and crowns at formal functions, to comply with any reasonable requests of the host club to assist them with publicity or fundraising, etc.

The King and Queen are expected to limit their expenses to a reasonable minimum, exercising the same care in spending the Club's money as they would with their own. The Treasurer may refuse to pay any expenses that he or she considers excessive or extravagant; the King or Queen may appeal the Treasurer's decision to the Board.

If the balance of the Royalty Account is insufficient to pay for all these expenses, they will be paid in the order in which they are listed under "Qualifying Expenditures."

The amount of any reimbursement is limited to the balance of the Royalty Account.

Expenses must be submitted to the Treasurer within 60 days of when they are incurred.


11-95 A BBTC Scholarship, using TCI Scholarship guidelines, will select a recipient from an area high school. This scholarship will be awarded at the annual pageant to encourage maximum publicity, and to give enough time to submit this recipient as our candidate for the TCI Scholarship which is awarded at the TCI Convention in July of each year. Initially the BBTC Scholarship will be in the amount of $250.00 seeded by the General Account of the BBTC. This amount can be supplemented by a fundraiser run for that purpose.
2-96 If the 1996 Scholarship Fund does not make it to the $500 mark, the balance will be contributed by the General Fund.
6-87 Only a member can host/hostess an event.
6-88 House parties and weekend events which are placed in the newsletter will have notations for restrictions (open or closed to non-members).
9-91 The BBTC encourages the use of carpools and "designated drivers." Hosts and hostesses may specify that a party may be alcohol free. The Bean Pod will identify "dry" parties. When attending a BBTC house party, members and guests agree to cooperate with the host or hostess to ensure their safe return home in case the host or hostess believes that it is unsafe for them to drive. The other members of the club in attendance will make every effort to be supportive of whatever stand the host or hostess may wish to take.
2-92 Although it is suggested that a friendly disposition be shown at the various functions, persistent display of unwanted attention is inappropriate. Anyone who is the recipient of such attention should promptly notify a board member so that the matter can be dealt with.
3-96 If a host/hostess cannot attend their own event, the host/hostess is responsible for getting a replacement and notifying the Social Director.
3-96 The host/hostess is required to stay the entire time the event is scheduled.
3-96 We do not double-book house parties. The Social chair also will not double-book events if events would attract people to both functions. Social chair will double-book social hours during the week if locations are far apart, e.g., NH and Boston. Weekends will be double-booked if one event is in the AM and the other is in the PM. If a weekend is booked for an out-of-town trip, local events can be scheduled. Double booking will be permitted if one event is out-of-town/overnight and would have limited appeal (e.g. camping trip).
2-98 A host/hostess is required only to provide the location for an event, not the food or beverages, unless he/she so chooses.
2-98 When a host/hostess has extraordinary expenses that need to be reimbursed, he/she must have the expenses pre-approved at a Executive Board or Business Meeting before the event.
1-99 All event listings in the newsletter should include a host.
2-99 In the past the club has not always collected all the money to which it is entitled at events with admission fees. In order to minimize the chances of this happening in the future, the following procedures should be followed insofar as is practical: A sign stating the fees should be conspicuously displayed near the entrance. Prices should be structured so that there is a financial incentive for attendees to pay in advance of the actual event. The incentive should apply only when full payment has been received (e.g. after the check clears.) Payment, if not collected in advance, should be taken at a separate point outside the entrance to the event. Badges or similar evidence of payment should be issued and must be presented to gain admission or readmission. A person should be posted at all times by the entrance to check badges. This person should not sell tickets or have any other responsibilities that would compromise his/her ability to check badges. A rotation of people should be enlisted so that the door can be guarded at all times. If it is not possible to collect payment outside of an entry where badges (etc.) can be checked, the registration table should be positioned in a blocking position.
3-96 We will pay one day's portion of the price of the delegate's convention package, the logic being this covers the cost of one day's attendance at convention.
9-90 We will place an additional listing in the white pages under Tall Club/Boston Beanstalks.
5-96 The number is published as HUB-TALL, which is a business line. A free listing under Boston Beanstalks Tall Club is in the Boston White Pages and Bell Atlantic Area Yellow Pages. Remote call forwarding will be added to whatever number we like it directed.
6-87 The Treasurer will bring the checkbook to all Board meetings to reimburse anyone with Club incurred expenses. Reimbursement of expenses requires that an official receipt or copy thereof be given to the Treasurer.
12-87 All bills must be properly labeled and documented before being considered for payment.
4-90 All bills for an event must be submitted within two months after the event has taken place except with the express permission of the board.
12-90 The club checking account will be changed to a NOW account, if practical, so that we can earn interest.
1-93 Individuals issuing the club a rubber check will be charged the bank processing fees.
5-96 The Treasurer may pay routine and normal operating expenses at his/her own discretion. Unusual expenses need membership meeting approval.
2-98 The Treasurer shall file the annual corporate report with the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts before the due date.
7-98 Any expense greater than $50 (other than going expenses such as the dances, etc.) must be approved by the Board.
10-89 Person holding T-shirts will keep inventory.
1-96 A new slogan was voted on by membership: "We all share the same sky, but not the same horizon."
5-96 No T-shirts will be ordered without Membership Meeting approval.
10-95 The Policies and Resolutions document shall be maintained by the Secretary as a handbook reference, reflecting only current policy (as determined by acts of the Board and/or Membership). Policies which have been repealed or superseded should be deleted. Similar or overlapping policies should be combined to minimize verbosity and confusion.
5-96 We will send an appropriate expression of sympathy to members who are in the hospital or have a death in their immediate family when the loss is made known to a board member.
5-96 The President shall appoint a person to be responsible for the function of sending expressions of sympathy to ill or bereaved members.


Completed June 30, 1990
Respectfully submitted Joan McGrath

Updated through June 30, 1991 by Marie Alner, Secretary
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