In the fall of 1982 Mira Jacobs, along with John Clements, Marcia Neil, Birgit Krumbiegel, Mary McEachern, and Fred Seagaard met several times to form a club for tall people. Mira wanted an “opportunity for tall people to socialize and share common experiences.” Thus was born The Boston Beanstalks Tall Club. As founding President, Mira stated in an interview with Sara Edwards of Evening Magazine that the club was started because “I thought it would be a good opportunity to meet tall men and to allow tall people in the metropolitan area to meet other tall people.” The BBTC scheduled its first event, the Charter Membership Party, for January 15, 1983. The party, postponed a week due to a snowstorm, drew people from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut; ages ranged from 20-50 years and consisted mostly of single people.

The first officers of the club were Mira Jacobs as President, John Clements as Vice-President, Birgit Krumbiegel as Treasurer, Mary McEachern as Secretary, Marcia Neil as Social Chair, and Fred Seagaard as Sergeant at arms. The articles of incorporation were based on the South Bay Tall Club, CA, by-laws, which form the basis of our current ones. At that time, in order to become a member, a person had to be 20 years or older; be a height of 5’10” or taller for women and 6’2” or taller for men; attend at least two work and two social functions; and be voted in by a majority of members at any business meeting. Charter members could join the club at reduced rates until June 30, 1983: $15 for a single person and $21 a couple. Regular membership cost $25 plus $5 initiation fee for a single person and $35 plus $5 initiation fee for a couple. In July, 1983, membership dues were $17.50 plus $5 initiation fee for a single person and $22.50 plus $5 initiation fee for a couple; both were to be renewed January, 1984. The dues were increased November, 1983, to $30 a single person and $40 a couple for new membership; $25 a single person and $35 a couple to renew.

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