Cold weather in January, 1990, began with brunch at Ginny Rambow’s in Nashua, NH, followed by Ann Reuman’s “Inflatable Doll Party” in Medford where Jon Mann definitely won with the real thing. Arthur Tunnell hosted at the Cambridge Marriott, Paul Conley at Tapas in Cambridge, Win Wilkinson at Matt Garrett’s in Boston, Laurie Keyes at Laurel’s in Braintree and Grace Johnson at the Worcester Marriott. Other events included dancing at the Roxy with Bobbie Carlton, a house party at Roxanne Jackman’s in Newtonville and Super Bowl XXIV hosted by Louise Davy in Sudbury. The Highlight of the month celebrated the seventh Anniversary Dance in Waltham. Doug Buckser offered his first impressions of the Aussie lifestyle after only three weeks down under.

The February, 1990, newsletter printed a history of Tall Clubs International by Doris Chickering, TCI Co-Historian. Joan McGrath led the month with dinner at Durgin Park in Boston, followed by Karl and Marty Reuman Pieper hosting at Tapas in Cambridge, Marie Alner at the Newton Marriott, Jan Blomberg McFarland at Skipjack’s in Boston, and Marge Wheeler at Las Brisas in Boston. Melon Lebonte bowled in Dorchester, Ginny Rambow sewed Beanpod Dolls in Nashua, Barry Gurman brunched in Brockton, Larry Heller celebrated Valentine’s Day in Wayland and Wini Wilkinson chili’d out in Sudbury.

Pat Sutherland began the March, 1990, madness with cocktails at the Newton Marriott, Mary Quay joined Beanstalkers at Tapas in Cambridge, Judy Kelliher hosted at the Sheraton in Braintree, Diane Early danced the night away at Mustang Sally’s in Warwick, RI, Teresa Hall brunched at Victoria Station in Burlington, and Pam Mitchell socialized at Rachael’s Long Wharf in Boston. St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated at the monthly dance in Waltham. Louise Davy organized a spring weekend celebration at the Sise Inn, Portsmouth, NH. Sharon Gallagher concluded the month with a “most creative hors d’oeuvres party” in Newtonville. Ed Spadafora and Paul Conley took in an all-female review at Alex’s in Stoughton. Susan Piaggio kept everyone up to date with the latest happenings with other clubs in “Around the Country with TCI.”

April Fool’s, 1990, had Doug Buckser socialized at “Down Under Bar” in Melbourne, Australia while local events found Wini Wilkinson at the Spring Arts and Crafts Show in Boston. Arthur Tunnell had a barrel of laughs at Nick’s Comedy in Boston, Robert and Bobbie Fricke stuffed everyone at their fourth annual calzone party in Braintree, Fred Appel opened his house for a party in Sharon, Blair Greene envied the marathon runners from his balcony in Hopkinton, and Jewel Knowles and Laurie Keyes brunched at Eaglebrock in Norfolk. Karl and Marty Reuman Pieper hosted at Tom Foolery’s in Westborough, Barry Greenhalgh at the Sheraton in Nashua, NH, Joan McGrath at Tapas in Cambridge and Barbara Curtin the Sheraton in Braintree. Ginny Rambow welcomed spring in Nashua with a guess of “who this is a picture of between the ages of 2 and 12 years.” Dancing shook the floors at Dick Syatt’s Dance Party in Waltham, at the Juke Box in Boston with Dana Hale and at the “April in Paris” dance in Waltham.

In May, 1990, Jan Huffman and Susan Sinclair went to the dogs at Wonderland, Wini Wilkinson showcased a movie in Woburn, Pam Mitchell danced at the Roxy in Boston, Sharon Gallagher bowled at Lanes and Games in Cambridge, and Joan McGrath overdosed on chocolate in Waltham. Barry Gurman hosted at Las Brisas in Boston, Pat Hidma at the Newton Marriott, and Susan Kollmeyer at the Sheraton in Nashua, NH.

Anne Reuman celebrated her Second Annual New Year’s Eve in June, 1990, in Medford. Terri Delahunty started the weekend with drinks at the Top of the Hub in Boston, as did Theresa Cunningham at the Andover Marriott. Arthur Tunnell hosted at Las Brisas in Boston, Susanne Alent socialized at Chili’s Bar and Grill in Cambridge and Elaine Milosz and Kathy Quill unwound at Tom Foolery’s in Westborough. Louise Davy guided members at the Wayside Inn where “Mary had a little lamb” and then opened her home in Sudbury for a cookout. George McQuilken toured Marblehead and fed Beanstalkers while overlooking the harbor. Mike Moran led a group for a bike ride and ocean side picnic on the North Shore while Gordon English ferried from Hyannis and toured Nantucket for the day. The New Members Committee voted to drop New Member’s Night and encouraged them to attend the Newton Marriott held on the first Friday of every month. Membership at the end of the year was 274.

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