Not all 425 members could attend the Sixth Anniversary Dance in January, 1989, in Waltham. Of those attending Ann Reuman won the membership contest with recruiting one new member; her prize was a year’s free membership. When it snowed, members cross-country skied with Joan McGrath and Marty Reuman. Indoor activities had Jon Mann bowling in Arlington, brunching with Mike McGinnis at Carl’s in Norwood, listening to jazz at the Waltham Racquet Club with Louise Davy, dining with Brian O’Malley at the Averoff in Cambridge, country dancing at Lyn Rule’s in Newton, socializing with Barry Gurman at the Sheraton Braintree. Louise Davy in Sudbury opened her house for the Super Bowl Sunday XXIII extravaganza. At the Board meeting several issues were brought up again including the pageant. Susan Sinclair chaired a committee to outline the details of the contest; these were to be presented at a March meeting.

A mailing of TCI by-law changes was mailed to members for voting in February, 1989: #1. To remove the cap on delegate votes. #2. Change the minimum age for TCI member clubs as the drinking age in the state that the club is incorporated. #3. Establish a process to avoid conflict among TCI member clubs’ invitational events. #4. Revise Miss TI pageant to a contest to select a spokesperson, male or female, to represent the club; eliminate the swim suit contest. All four questions passed by the 96 members voting by the deadline. Winter sports included a beach party and bar-b-que with Melon Labonté and Martin Jordan in Pocasset, a mystery play and dinner in Cambridge with Joan McGrath, and skiing in Sunday River. Maine, led by Sharon Gallagher. Dancing at the Hop with Barry Gurman in Brockton. socializing with Susan Kollmeyer at the Market Place in Bedford. NH, with Jeff Otterson, and dancing with Mike McGinnis at AXIS/DV8 in Boston kept members busy throughout the month. “Red and White” were the color choices for the Valentine Day dance in Waltham.

In March, 1989, Robert and Bobbie Fricke stuffed Beanstalkers with calzones in Braintree for their third annual party. But they had a chance to work off some pounds by dancing the night away at the “Wearin’ of the green theme” dance in Waltham. Susan Brodi socialized at Cheer’s in Boston, Leslie Koc hosted at the Newton Marriott. Mort Kessler dined at Miennelli’s in Providence, RI, Louise Davy brunched at the Rusty Scupper in Acton, Jon Mann pigged out at the Rosie O’Grady’s Blind Pig Saloon in Brighton, Brad Clemens socialized at the Beverly Depot, and Terri Delahunty met for drinks at Top of the Hub in the Prudential Tower in Boston. Susan Sinclair reported that the women who expressed interest in representing the BBTC at convention had withdrawn their names for consideration.

At the April, 1989, Board meeting Brian O’Malley stated that Terry Murphy approached him at the April Fool’s Day dance and indicated she’d like to be Miss Tall Boston. Brian O’Malley appointed Terry Murphy as “Miss Tall Boston.” The motion “We accept Terry Murphy as Miss Tall Boston.” was not accepted. In response to Brian’s move in appointing a Miss Tall Boston against the Board’s wishes, Danielle Roth resigned her position as Publicity Chair. Social events that members attended included Skipjack’s in Boston with Jan Blomberg, Hilltop Steak House in Saugus with Sharon Gallagher, bowling in Arlington with Jon Mann, dining at Christopher’s in Cambridge with Marty Reuman, and socializing at Tapas in Cambridge with Jack Phelan and Doug Buckser. Outdoor activities had Ann Reuman ice skating and John Simpson hiking at Crane’s beach in Ipswich. Tom Todd held his third canoe trip to Vermont, this one on Memorial Day Weekend. House parties in Nashua, NH, at Ginny Rambow’s, in Brookline at Elaine Richman’s, and in Sharon at Fred Appel’s rounded out the month. “The 1989 Hypothetical Hamster Awards” in the Talltown Observer by Ryan Anthony voted the Boston Beanstalk Tall Club “Club of the Year” for its tolerance of different opinions regarding the Miss Tall International beauty pageant.

May, 1989, flowers signal warmer weather for the Beanstalkers to enjoy the activities such as drinking at the Winery in Boston with Ginny Bryan, attending a house party at Roxanne Jackman’s in Newtonville, dining at the Las Brisas in Boston with Sharon Gallagher, and dining with Brian O’Malley at John Stone’s Inn, Ashland. Terry Murphy withdrew her name from the position of Miss Tall Boston. The Memorial Day Weekend was spent with Brian O’Malley on his fifth canoe extravaganza. A letter from Terri Delahunty, Gail Olyha, and Vanda Sendzimir appeared in response to Ryan Anthony’s “Club of the Year” award and his take on their petition to the TCI Executive Board to place on the annual corporation business meeting agenda a proposal to abolish the pageant and office of Miss Tall Clubs International.

June, 1989, had Susan Kollmeyer hosting a cookout in Nashua, Larry Heller biking around Wayland, Holly Nylander and Helen McHowell horseback riding in Milton. Barry Gurman bowling in Brockton, and Elaine Milosz hiking Mt. Wachusset. Social hours included Susan Kollmeyer at the Market Place in Nashua, NH, Joan McGrath at the Bull and Finch Pub in Boston, and Wini Wilkinson at Matrix Holiday Inn in Natick. House parties included Ann Reuman’s New Year’s Eve Party in Medford, Ginny Rambow’s favorite photo contest, and a cookout and volleyball at Charlie Garabedian’s in Oxford. Beanstalkers followed Kathy Quill to the depths of the Rouge River in Canada. “Ryan Anthony of Talltown Observer replies to radical queen-opponents’ charges” was printed in its entirety.

The newsletter for July, 1989, came on white paper with green ink with the president’s message on the front page. The second page listed the birthdays for that month, notes from the social director, and the names of the Executive Board. On the third page were printed the summary notes of board meetings. a membership meeting and treasurer reports. The next page showed the calendar of events with a special flyer for the upcoming annual weekend. Other news reported were out-of-town weekends, classified ads, and a listing of the awards given out at the annual dinner. The new Board who assumed office were Marty Reuman as President, Genna Parker as Vice-President, Cindy Culbreth as Secretary, Barbara Lampkin as Treasurer, Suzanne Alent as Membership, Sharon Gallagher as Social, Doug Buckser as Publicity, Joan McGrath as Historian, and Ginny Rambow as Editor. Susan Piaggio continued as TCI correspondent. An emergency Board meeting was held to cancel summer dances as there were insufficient funds to cover the costs. Jan Huffman represented the BBTC as Delegate to TCI Convention held in Atlanta where he voted on resolutions and our by-law changes that were submitted. Of the four changes submitted: #1. Elect a Tall Ambassador instead of Queen. #2. Change membership age from 21 years to the drinking age of the club’s state location. #3. Have clubs notify TCI Secretary before booking a weekend to avoid double booking weekends. #4. Currently voting is one vote per 25 members in a club with a cap of four votes. Change to remove cap to allow larger clubs to have one vote per 25 members or decrease membership dues to TCI. Only #2 passed. Deleting the swimsuit portion of the pageant was submitted by the Pacific Tall Club and passed. The Publicity Award was won by the BBTC due to the hard work by Danielle Roth. Rita Mattock of the St. Louis Tall Club was voted Woman of the Year and Dick Baumgart of the Denver Timberlines won Man of the Year. Carolyn Coyne, Paramount Tall Club, was crowned Miss Tall International. Regular events scheduled in July were cocktails with Margie Wheeler at Michael’s Waterfront in Boston, Marie Alner at the Newton Marriott, Elaine Richman at the Winery in Boston, Ginny Bryan at the Sail Loft in Cambridge. and Jeff Otterson at the Marketplace in Bedford, NH. Other socials included a bike ride with Susan Kollmeyer in Nashua, NH, and a Boston harbor cruise with Barry Gurman. Membership reached 388 and new sweatshirts were available.

The hot days of August, 1989, began with Joan McGrath leading a bike ride to Concord, and Brad Clements scuba diving off Nahant and playing tennis. Sharon Gallagher led the Beanies on a day trip to Newport while Barry Gurman cheered the Red Sox at Fenway Park. Social hours were hosted by Marie Alner at Tapas in Cambridge, Theresa Murphy at Barrett’s in Charlestown, Judy Kelliher at the Sheraton in Braintree and Sarah Dorch at the Sheraton in Nashua, NH.

The highlight of September, 1989, was the BBTC’s fourth Annual Weekend where Rita Mattock, the 1989 winner of the Kae Sumner Einfeldt Award, was guest of honor at the Great Cranberry Cooler Cape Escape at the Hyannis Regency Hotel. Suzanne Alent won the Hot Legs contest and Peter Stankoff from Philadelphia and Peter Sword tied for male Hot Legs. The cooler weather had Beanstalkers stuffing themselves at Robert and Bobbie Fricke’s fifth pizza pig-out, dancing at a 50’s sock hop in Waltham, enjoying a cookout and party at Susan Kollmeyer’s in Nashua, NH, and screaming on the rides at Riverside in Agawam with Pat Hidma. Sharing cocktails with Mary Quay at the Newton Marriott, Nancy Charest at Marketplace in Bedford NH, Barry Greenhalgh at the Sheraton in Nashua, NH, and Wini Wilkinson added to the festivities. PBS aired a segment called Against All Odds in which they had filmed one of the BBTC dances. Anna Dorsch, daughter of member Sarah Dorsch, designed hand painted T-shirts for the BBTC, and Ginny Rambow designed and sold Bean Pods to raise money for the Marfan Foundation. Joan McGrath chaired a committee to review BBTC by-law changes and all current Policies and Resolutions while Jan Huffman chaired the TCI By-laws and Resolutions committee. Marie Alner became Secretary, replacing Cindy Culbreth who resigned in July.

Joan McGrath led October, 1989, with a bike ride to Concord to enjoy the fall colors and Barry Greenhalgh hiked for his third season to waterfalls in NH. Social hours were hosted by Elaine Richman at Tam O’Shanter in Brookline, Bobbie Carlton at the Cambridge Marriott, Jim Wilman at the Westboro Marriott, Fred Appel at the Braintree Sheraton, and Tom Barrett at Skipjack’s in Boston. Arthur Tunnell added a new twist for parties by having a “Bring a Short Friend” at his place in Somerville. Lyn Rule celebrated Halloween with a costume party and the monthly dance also had members vying for best costume award. Sharon Green won first prize, Nancy Charest second and Larry Heller third. New dance admission prices reflected the higher cost of running successful events with members paying $6 before 9 PM; $9 for non-member before 9 PM; $8/$12 after 9 PM.

The November, 1989, calendar contained a shopping guide in which was listed stores that sold shoes, clothing and catalogues for tall people. Sharon Gallagher, Social, resigned and Doug Buckser, Publicity, moved to Australia. Laurie Keyes formed a Hospitality committee to welcome new members. Peter Vorum, Tipp City, Ohio, contacted BBTC with a long letter lamenting Ryan Anthony’s apparent try at splitting members in clubs with his lofty ideas. He urged clubs to cancel their membership to the Talltown Observer. The Rusty Scupper in Acton was the site for brunch hosted by Louise Davy, Las Brisas in Boston served free Mexican food with Marge Wheeler, and Barrett’s in Charlestown hosted by Win Wilkinson. Laurie Keyes offered local theater in Walpole with “The Sunshine Boys,” and Jon Mann “allowed” members to eat at the Medieval Manor in Boston. Social hours included Jim Wilman at the Westborough Marriott, Karen Vandemark at Skipjack’s in Boston, Barry Greenhalgh at Bogie’s in Tyngsborough, and Paul Conley at Long Wharf Marriott in Boston. Ginny Rambow topped off the month with a crazy hat party in Nashua, NH. Thanksgiving was celebrated in style at Louise Davy’s in Sudbury. Gordon English was the DJ at the monthly dance in Waltham. Sweatshirts with the slogan “All people are born short — Only a few can rise above it” got members in the spirit of tallness. Paul Conley filled a whole page celebrating the Annual Weekend on the Cape.

A new listing of members was sent to members. December, 1989, opened with Bobbie Carlton hosting at the Newton Marriott. Other events had Jack Phelan socializing at Thackery’s in Waltham, Susan Kollmeyer at the Sheraton in Nashua, NH, Pat Hidma at Skipjack’s in Boston, and Marge Wheeler at Joe’s American Bar & Grille in Boston. Holiday parties got members in the right mood at Catherine Cushing’s in Hingham, Lyn Rule’s in Newton, and Louise Davy’s in Sudbury in trimming the tree. First Night was celebrated with Wini Wilkinson and extended at Sharon Gallagher’s to usher in the New Year. Membership, now at 349, voted not to have a club queen nor send one to convention. The Hospitality Committee changed its name to New Members’ Committee. Ed Spadafora donated his time to print new business cards for the BBTC. Wini Wilkinson was elected as Social and Susan Sinclair as Publicity at the Members’ Meeting.

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