A Social Club for Tall Men and Women


Basic Facts
Members: Approximately 80
Geographic Area: Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut & Rhode Island
Website: www.hubtall.org
Founded: February 4, 1983
Membership Requirements: Minimum Height: Women: 5'10"  Men: 6'2"
Minimum Age:21 years
Age Range: 20’s - 70’s with the largest concentration 35 - 50
Height Range: Women: 5'10" - 6'7"  Men: 6'2" - 7'1"
Marital Status: 70% Single; 30% Married Couples
Events: Average 6/month. dances, social hours, house parties, annual weekend party held at various venues in New England.

Additional Facts
Affiliations: NorthEast Affiliation of Tall Organizations (NEATO)
Event scheduling cooperative of 10 tall clubs from DC to Boston
Tall Clubs International (TCI)
Confederation of more than 60 US and Canadian tall clubs
Nearest Tall Club: Hartford Heights, Hartford, Connecticut
Charities: National Marfan Foundation
TCI Foundation (Scholarships)
BBTC Robert Austin Memorial Scholarship
Predecessor Club: Boston High Hubbers (1946-1960’s)
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