Tall Clubs International


basic Facts
Members: Approximately 3000
Member Clubs: 60+
Geographic Area: United States and Canada
Telephone: 888-I'M-TALL-2
Website: www.tall.org
Founded: May 1, 1938, Los Angeles, California
Membership Requirements: Minimum Height: Women: 5'10"  Men: 6'2"
Minimum Age:21 years
Height Range: Women: 5'10" - 6'10"  Men: 6'2" - 7'3"
Purposes: Encourage inter-club participation; sponsor annual convention; form new clubs; publicize clubs; provide scholarships and charitable support; recognize excellent work in clubs

Additional Facts
Other Affiliations: European Federation of Tall People (5,000 members)
National and local clubs in 14 countries
Tall Persons Social Club of Australia
Major Events: Annual summer convention, club-sponsored weekend parties
Convention: Miss Tall International® Pageant; dances; parties; sightseeing; sports; business meeting; workshops; awards dinner
Founder: Kae Sumner Einfeldt, 6'2", an animator for Walt Disney Studios drawing Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the time
First Tall Club: California Tip Toppers (still active)
Charities: National Marfan Foundation
Canadian Marfan Association
TCI Foundation (Scholarships)
Noteworthy: Ad for first king-size mattress: "Here it is Tip Toppers... You asked for it! The King Size Mattress"
Press Contact: tci-publicity@tall.org
Spokesperson: tci-missti-coordinator@tall.org
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